The Berkshire MAZDA Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

“Where’s a reliable place for Mazda service near me?” It’s a question that drivers in our region find themselves asking a lot. The answer to that question is simple: Berkshire Mazda. That’s because our dealership is your one-stop destination for anything automotive related. We have a great selection of new cars for sale in Pittsfield, MA, of course, but we also have a full service department. Here, our experienced auto technicians are available to diagnose and solve any issues you’re experiencing with your Mazda car.

Why is Mazda Service Near Me Important?

The auto technicians at Berkshire Mazda have seen it all over the years, from dented fenders to ruptured tires. However, most of the time we only see our customers to complete routine maintenance. During multipoint inspections, we make sure that all of your Mazda parts are working properly, and we perform routine procedures such as oil changes and tire rotations. We encourage every driver to schedule these routine procedures because they help extend the life of your Mazda vehicle, and they also promote better road safety. Before you schedule your next service appointment, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Mazda Car Maintenance Checklist

•   Tires: Your tires work extremely hard, so they typically need a bit more TLC than other components. Our Pittsfield car dealers recommend getting your tires rotated regularly to ensure even tread wear. Our service team can also check your tires for proper pressure.

•   Fluids: As they age, the fluids in your Mazda car become dirty and lose viscosity. This can lead to increased friction on your other auto parts. Avoid this excess friction by getting your motor oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

•   Lights: Our technicians will make sure your headlights, taillights, and turn signals are all working properly. If your check engine light keeps coming on, we can investigate that issue, too.

•   Brakes: It’s imperative to get your brakes checked at the first sign of trouble—whether they’re screeching or sticking. Functioning brakes are vital for safe driving, after all.

So schedule a service appointment at Berkshire Mazda today. Make sure to check our website beforehand because we offer affordable SUV service specials on everything from oil changes to tire replacements.