Should Your Family Get a MAZDA SUV Or MAZDA Crossover?

November 20th, 2022 by

Deciding between an SUV vs. crossover at our Mazda dealership can be difficult when you’re trying to find the perfect family car. These two body styles may look similar, but there are differences in the design of the models. Here is what you need to know about the Mazda SUV and Mazda crossover so you can make an informed decision.


SUV is short for Sports Utility Vehicle. An SUV is built with the body attached to a separate frame. An SUV is also known for its higher ride height due to its design. This also means more difficulty driving around tight corners.

A crossover vehicle is built on a car platform and has a unibody construction. This means the car’s body and frame are one solid piece. The lower ride height of a crossover helps the car handle tight corners.

Seating and Cargo Space

A Mazda SUV will have the ability to carry more passengers — up to eight, depending on how many rows you opt for — when compared to a Mazda crossover. The SUV is also designed to give passengers ample space. You can typically fold the rear seats for even more cargo space.

While it may not have as much passenger space on average, a Mazda crossover usually has a spacious cargo area and a liftgate for easy access, making it great for families.


A Mazda SUV is designed to drive across tough terrain and challenging weather. Four-wheel drive is a standard, and rear-wheel drive is commonly used. Due to the larger frame of SUV vehicles, they also have towing capabilities, whereas crossovers often don’t.

Mazda crossover vehicles are typically front-wheel drive, making driving a bit more challenging on rough roads or off-road. Due to the design of the crossover, these vehicles perform better on the road compared to SUVs. Also, it’s common for mid-sized crossovers to come with a turbo-charge engine to give it an extra kick on the road.

SUV vs. Crossover: Make the Decision at Berkshire MAZDA

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