Even when they say they want a new Mazda SUV, buying a new automobile isn’t the right move for every motorist who visits Berkshire Mazda. Depending on your financial situation, purchasing a previously owned vehicle may make more sense. If you want to avoid the rapid depreciation that new cars experience in the first 12-24 months after they’re purchased, for example, you’ll want to get a pre-owned automobile.

Because pre-owned cars cost less than new ones, many drivers realize they can buy “more car” when they purchase a previously owned model. When you look over our previously owned inventory, you’ll see a wide range of models and trim levels. To see “how much” car you can afford, contact our Pittsfield, MA Mazda dealership to talk to our finance experts about buying a previously owned automobile.


Financing a Pre-Owned Car

Some people don’t realize that financing a pre-owned vehicle through our Mazda finance center is just as easy as doing the same for a new Mazda car. When you arrive at our location, we’ll go through your finances with you, step by step. We’ll ask you to submit a financing application to our Mazda finance center near Albany, NY as well, which is something you can do online through our website before you visit our location.

You’ll need to provide a few things before we can process your application, including proof of your identity, residence, and income. If you’re going to trade-in your current automobile, you’ll also need to share its registration. Drivers who own their trade outright need to give us their car’s title, too.

Once we review all that information, we’ll take a look at your credit score. We’ll then send your application and our notes to our trusted lenders. After we hear back from then, we’ll present the financing options that are available to you.


Apply for an Auto Loan Today

As you look over the pre-owned Mazda cars and other models in our inventory, our team will help you pick the vehicle that will support your lifestyle and fit your budget the best. When you find the pre-owned Mazda car you want to bring home, we’ll walk you through the financing process step by step.

If you’re ready to buy a previously owned car, trust us – your local Mazda dealers serving North Adams, MA and nearby areas – to help you secure an auto loan on the most affordable terms currently available. Visit Berkshire Mazda to find and finance a pre-owned vehicle today!