Cleaning the dash vents of a vehicle

What Cleaners Should You Use on Your Vehicle in Pittsfield MA?

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Vehicle in Pittsfield MA! 

There are many proper ways to clean your vehicle in order to kill the most viruses and germs, and they’re all important in the current COVID-19 outbreak! You need to know what cleaners to use, what cleaners to avoid, where to focus your cleaning, and more! Continue reading below in order to learn more! 

Ideal Cleaners for Cleaning Your Vehicle 

When it comes to ideal cleaners to use on your vehicle, there are two that stand out as the most important. These are alcoholic solutions of at least 70 percent, the most effective against germs and viruses like COVID-19. Automakers recommend solutions like isopropyl alcohol, which can be used on nearly every surface of your model. 

Additionally, soap and water can be used effectively on your model when combined with vigorous washing and scrubbing. This can help kill the virus by destroying its protective outer layer, making a great and easy solution. 

Cleaning the steering wheel of a vehicle
Cleaning the interior of a vehicle rear

What Cleaners Shouldn’t You Use? 

There are several cleaners that should not be used on your vehicle’s interior, as they may cause damage or ruin protective coatings. These include bleach-based and hydrogen peroxide cleaners, which can kill the virus on the surface, but will also destroy the or damage the surface you clean on. Additionally, ammonia-based cleaners will also damage your vehicle, especially their anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coatings. 

Where Should You Clean? 

When you’re cleaning your vehicle’s interior there are several areas you should focus your attention at. These include the steering wheel, which will have the most germs of all the areas on your vehicle, as well as common-touch locations like the door handles. Additionally, you should make sure you clean the dials, buttons, and other locations that you might touch often. 

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These are just three things to keep in mind when you’re cleaning your vehicle in order to prevent viruses and germs! To learn more about what you should do, or to have your vehicle serviced, contact our dealership today! We’ll be more than happy to help you keep your vehicle maintained!