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Mazda Connected Services: An Overview

What is the Specialty of Mazda Connected Services?

Mazda has unique technology to facilitate an easy drive for all their vehicles. We can see the feature ‘Mazda Connected Services’ highlighted and advertised predominantly. But what is this Mazda Connected Service, and why is it so important to the upliftment of Mazda models? We can elaborate on the specialty of Mazda Connected Services at Berkshire Mazda in Pittsfield, MA, and reflect on its relevance. Read on for more details.

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Features of Mazda Connected Services

First of all, let us understand what Mazda Connected Services are. A complimentary benefit when you purchase a Mazda vehicle, the Mazda Connected Services offers a wide range of remote functions doable through your connected smartphone. With the installation of the ‘MyMazda’ Application, you can set up the connection between your smartphone and car. There are many Mazda ‘How-To’ videos explaining this process.  Once the car is connected to your phone, you can access the remote control features and implement them as per your needs. Through the application, you can avail of Roadside Assistance, Automatic 911 dialing feature, access your vehicle’s health report, and remote engine start, which is available 24/7.

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Additional Features of Mazda Connected Services

What are the additional features that you get with the MyMazda App? Get a gist of them below.

In-Cabin Wi-Fi: Complimentary 2GB in-car Wi-Fi for up to three months.

Vehicle Finder: MyMazda App pins the location of your vehicle on the map and lets you spot it aptly if you are finding your way back to the vehicle.

Get instant technology at your fingertips with Mazda Connected Services!

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Vehicle Status Report screen of MyMazda App
Emergency Roadside Assistance feature in MyMazda App

Take a Mazda Home from Berkshire Mazda

Start your journey to Berkshire Mazda in Pittsfield, MA, to check out the latest Mazda vehicles adept with Mazda Connected Complimentary Services. Try out the vehicles of your desire by scheduling a test drive. You can also browse our inventory for additional details. 

Buying a Mazda During Inventory Crunch  

There is a global chip shortage that has reduced the production of vehicles. You have to be patient and wait until the inventory gets restocked if you cannot find the model of your choice. We are with you and deliberate to help you in this situation. Please reach out for more information requests. Thank you!