used Mazda near me

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Used MAZDA Near Me

Do your New Year’s resolutions include a new car? Have you considered shopping for a used Mazda near me? We’re highlighting all the perks of buying a pre-owned Mazda car or SUV at Berkshire Mazda.


Affordability is arguably the biggest benefit of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. It’s rare that you’ll find a new model that is cheaper than its pre-owned counterpart. This is particularly beneficial if you are shopping with a limited budget or trying to cut your expenses this year.

More Options

When you are shopping with a limited budget, your options can feel limited too. After all, there are only so many new vehicles under a set price. However, there are pre-owned vehicles that fit almost every budget, giving you almost limitless options.

Better Amenities

Another perk of buying a pre-owned vehicle? All the amenities are available to you!

If you consider an older model, there will be vehicles with premium features such as leather seating, advanced driver-assist technology, and more, that you might not have been able to add when buying new.

Cheaper Added Costs

When you make a smaller investment for a vehicle, the added costs associated with owning a car are typically cheaper too.

Auto insurance will normally be more affordable. It’s usually cheaper to register your vehicle as well.

Less Depreciation

When you purchase a new vehicle, it begins to depreciate the second you drive it off the lot. It can depreciate up to 30 percent in the first year alone.

However, if you buy a pre-owned Mazda, you won’t see nearly as large of a drop. This is particularly useful if you want to trade in your vehicle down the road. Visit our Mazda dealership near Lenox, MA to start shopping today!