Tech Features You Can Expect in Your New MAZDA Car

New 2023 Mazda vehicles are equipped with the latest technology features. Mazda Apple Carplay® and Android Auto™ compatibility are the latest standard features across all Mazda models. Mazda Connected Services allow you to stay connected to your Mazda vehicle with your smartphone.

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In-Cabin Features

A standard infotainment system is equipped on all new Mazda cars. The infotainment system features an eight-inch screen with smartphone integration for Apple and Android smartphones. Additional technology features that will entertain passengers during a trip in a Mazda car include:

  • In-cabin Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Available Bose® audio system
  • Available Wireless charging pad

Remote Connectivity Features

To stay connected to your Mazda car even when you’re away, the car company has created Mazda Connected Services, a complimentary digital service compatible with Apple and Android smartphones through the MyMazda App. Mazda offers a three-year trial period with the MyMazda App. The features of the Mazda App include the following:

  • Remote Engine Start: Start your Mazda vehicle before entering and set the temperature for a comfortable ride.
  • Vehicle Finder: Find the exact location of your Mazda car if you forgot where you parked. 
  • Vehicle Health Report: Get a notification on your phone when your Mazda car needs to be serviced.
  • Mazda Status: Check the status of your Mazda vehicle any time before a long trip. You can check fuel, odometer, tire pressure, and other vehicle conditions.

Additional features available with Mazda Connected Services are in-car Wi-Fi and access to emergency services: automatic 911 and roadside assistance.

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