Should I Buy or Lease a Mazda3?

“Should I buy or lease a new car?” is a question we frequently hear at Berkshire Mazda serving North Adams. Both options have significant advantages, so it can be challenging to determine which Mazda financing route is best for you. Let’s take a few moments today to discuss the differences between buying or leasing a new Mazda3 or Mazda6.

Purchasing a new MAZDA3 near North Adams

Perhaps the clearest perk of buying your new Mazda vehicle is that you’ll own it outright as soon your auto loan is satisfied. This means that you can do as you please with your car, including:

  • Trade it in or sell it privately when it’s time to move on
  • Drive it as much as you want with no worries of additional fees for exceeding mileage stipulations
  • Modify or accessorize the vehicle to suit your tastes

Also, Mazda regularly offers great manufacturer’s incentives on financing a brand new car or SUV from Berkshire Mazda. This can mean savings in the form of a low APR, or various types of customer cash to act as an immediate discount on the purchase price.


Leasing a new MAZDA6 in Pittsfield

Leasing your next vehicle can be a smart option if you enjoy driving a new Mazda6 every few years. Monthly payments on lease agreements are often lower than those towards financing, so a lease can be a fiscally advantageous way to put yourself in a new car, even if you’ve thought you could only swing the purchase of something pre-owned. Other leasing advantages include:

  • Flexible lease and mileage terms
  • Option to turn in or purchase the car at lease-end
  • Peace of mind since the manufacturer’s warranty covers your Mazda3 for all or most of your lease agreement

Manufacturer incentives are regularly offered on leases, too. Check out our line-up of Mazda3 models online, then schedule your test drive with Berkshire Mazda today.