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Prepare Your Model for Winter 2020 in Pittsfield MA Today!

3 Tips to Prepare Your Model for Winter 2020 in Pittsfield MA

Fall might just barely have arrived, but winter is not too far away, bringing with it a variety of issues! You need to be ready to tackle the cold weather and all the problems it brings with it, especially while on the road! That’s why we’ve compelled a list of winter vehicle preparation tips for drivers in Pittsfield, MA! Continue reading below in order to find out!

Check Your Vehicle’s Battery

One of the main things you can and should do when you’re preparing for winter is check the battery and have it tested before the weather turns. Inclement weather can significantly decrease battery capacity, and cold weather can definitely take a toll. You should make sure you keep your vehicle out of the snow and cold to keep your battery alive longer.

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Check Your Tires Regularly

Once a month, you should check your tire pressure. This is especially true for winter. You should make sure its in the recommend pressure range for your model, and maybe even consider swapping your model’s tires for winter or snow ones if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters. This will give you the best overall winter driving experience.

Check Your Windshield Blades

Finally, make sure you check your vehicle’s windshield blades in order to make sure you can tackle harsh clients without too much difficulty. These blades help keep your visibility at maximum, allowing you to manage ice and snow without too much worry. Consider switching blades to ones suited for winter if need be.

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These are just three of the many excellent tips that we recommend you employ prior to winter in Pittsfield, MA! To learn more about what you should do, or to check out our service department, contact our dealership today!