Mazda exclamation point light

The Berkshire Guide Your MAZDA Warning Lights

Brake Warning Light

  • What It Looks Like: A bright red circle with an exclamation point inside, the word “brake” appears underneath the circle.
  • What It Means: This light relates to your parking brake and only illuminates when your parking brake is engaged. It should not light up when your brake is released. If it does remain on, there could be an issue with your brake system or your brake fluid levels.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • What It Looks Like: A yellow exclamation point enclosed in parentheses.
  • What It Means: Typically, this light means that there is low tire pressure in one or more of your Mazda vehicle’s tires. If the symbol is a steady illumination, this is just an indication that your tire pressure is low. If the light flashes on and off when you activate the ignition, then there is an issue with the entire tire pressure monitoring system.

Master Warning Light

  • What It Looks Like: A bright yellow or amber triangle with an exclamation point inside.
  • What It Means: As it stands, there could be many issues that cause this light to turn on. For the most part, this is a general warning light that your vehicle displays when it detects a problem. Typically, this light will be paired with a message indicating exactly what is wrong.

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