Mazda crossover

Mazda Crossover Shopping Guide at Berkshire Mazda

What Makes A MAZDA Crossover?

When shoppers visit our showroom searching for their next Mazda, they often ask us what defines a vehicle as a crossover. Essentially, crossover vehicles mimic the classic SUV yet are built on a different foundation.

While SUVs are constructed on a truck’s body frame, crossovers are based on a unibody frame. This distinct difference makes crossovers smaller and more nimble to drive.

Popular MAZDA Brand Crossover Models

One popular Mazda brand crossover is the Mazda CX-3. This is a CUV or crossover utility vehicle, and its designed to seat five, and deliver power that is comparable to much larger vehicles.

Saddled with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, this crossover is capable of 148 horsepower and 146 lb-ft worth of torque. That’s plenty of power , even when all 42.7 cubic feet of cargo volume is filled to capacity.

Another top choice is the new Mazda CX-30. While this crossover also seats five, it is a bit larger, offering up 45.2 cubic feet of total cargo room.

On top of that, the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine has a designated output of 186 horsepower and 186 lb-ft worth of torque, making it a serious powerhouse through and through.

Shopping for Your Next Car at Our Mazda Dealership

If either of these models caught your eye, our team at Berkshire Mazda is here to take you on a comprehensive test drive. We’re a Mazda dealership that goes above and beyond for our customers, no matter what they’re looking for.