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3 Ways Your Trade-In Can Save You Money on a New Car

3 Ways to Save Money When Buying a New Car with a Trade-In!

If you’re saving up for a new vehicle, or even a used one, you might fall into the same trap that many drivers do. You might be failing to realize just how useful a trade-in deal can be! If you trade in your old vehicle at Berkshire Mazda in Pittsfield, MA, our finance team will help you get the best possible financing deal! Continue reading below to see the three ways you can save time and money when trading in here!

Cleaning and Reconditioning

A dirty, unkempt vehicle is a hard-to-sell vehicle. If you plan on selling it, you’ll have to pay for the cost of cleaning, reconditioning, detailing, etc. If you trade in your vehicle to a dealership like ours, our service time typically handles all the nitty and gritty details, letting you walk away with a newer model and leaving the rest of the work to us! We’re more than happy to help you part ways with your old vehicle and put in some work to fix it up!

Selling and Advertising Costs

While you might not utilize advertisement services to sell your vehicle, as there are many excellent free sites to do so with, you might be waiting months or longer to find a buyer. You’ll have to field calls, make payments on the vehicle during that time, and potentially never even make a decent sale. When you trade your vehicle into us, however, we handle all of that for you, and you get a nicer, newer, vehicle to boot!

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A New Vehicle

We’ve mentioned this several times, but the biggest reason you should make a trade is that you get a new vehicle. When you trade-in your old model, you get something better, and you get it cheaper because we take off the price of your trade-in from your new Mazda model or another vehicle. That means that you get hassle-free selling, technically! Win-win, in our eyes.

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These are just some of the many benefits you can have if you trade in your old vehicle. If you still have questions about the benefits of a trade-in, or what to have your model valued, feel free to use our online tools or to contact our agents today! We’ll be more than happy to work with you!