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Great Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day in Pittsfield MA!

3 Great Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day in Pittsfield MA

There are many ways for you to celebrate Memorial Day this year, even with the COVID-19 pandemic currently ongoing. You don’t have to attend a parade or a party in order to honor our fallen heroes. Continue reading below in order to see what three ways you can celebrate this year!

Donate Flowers to a Fallen Hero

There are several national cemeteries across the nation, including quite a few in the Pittsfield, MA area. You can recognize veterans by donating flowers to their graves through the Memorial Day Flowers program, an organization that coordinates placing flowers on the graves of interned veterans. This is a great choice for honoring veterans, even those not related to you.

Veterans Day flag and celebration
Graves with the US flag

Patriotically Draw with Chalk Art

You can also celebrate by drawing on the sidewalk and driveways of your home and area if you’re the artistic type. An illustration, patriotic mural or a scribble of a basic thank you message to veterans, all are perfect options for showing your admiration and respect to veterans in your family and outside it.

Fly the Flag Proudly

Finally, you can just simply fly the flag of our nation proudly and without worry from your home. Make sure that you follow the guidelines in the U.S. Flag Code for proper etiquette when doing so, but its definitely a great way to celebrate without having to worry about disease or needless contact.

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These are just three ways you’re capable of celebrating Memorial Day 2020 without worry! To learn more about what you can do, or to explore vehicles perfect for your Memorial Day celebration, contact our dealership today!