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Should I Buy a MAZDA SUV or a MAZDA Sedan? 

There are so many stunning options to choose from when shopping our extensive inventory at Berkshire Mazda. Variety is great, but it can be difficult to determine which model suits you best. To start, we suggest deciding on your preferred body style – do you prefer a Mazda SUV or a sedan?  

Should I Buy a MAZDA SUV?  

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While there are lots of perks to buying an SUV, the versatile space these models provide is arguably one of the biggest (no pun intended). An SUV is larger and roomier than a sedan, providing extra cargo space. And with this body style’s hatchback design, you can easily load and unload your cargo and access the storage space with ease.  

There are also many SUVs that provide extra passenger space beyond the typical five-seat arrangement. For example, the three-row Mazda CX-9 provides seating for up to seven passengers. 

There are SUVs in the Mazda lineup to choose from, ranging from efficient compact crossovers to spacious three-row options.  

  • Mazda CX-30 
  • Mazda CX-5 
  • Mazda CX-50 
  • Mazda CX-9 
  • Mazda MX-30 

Should I Buy a MAZDA Sedan?  

One of the biggest benefits to a sedan is their impressive efficiency. Along with being fuel efficient, their size and lower center of gravity makes sedans are easier to maneuver. They often perform better in safety tests, particularly in rollover tests.  

Sedans are often better when you carry precious cargo too. Since they have trunks, rather than cargo areas, which helps you keep your cargo hidden and secure.  

Test Drive MAZDA Models at Berkshire MAZDA 

Can’t decide which you prefer? We encourage you to visit our Mazda dealership in Pittsfield, MA to take a few test drives and truly experience the appeal of each. Our friendly dealers are ready to answer all of your questions about Mazda cars.