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Fall Foliage

What Are the Places in Berkshire with Great Views of Fall Foliage?

Top 3 Places to Visit for Fall Foliage in Berkshire

In Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts, the peak of the fall season is in the first few days of October. The best fall foliage with amber, auburn, crimson, and russet shades can be found across the Berkshires! At Berkshire Mazda in Pittsfield, MA, we list the top 3 places to visit for fall foliage in Berkshire!

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What Are the Best Tourist Attractions near Pittsfield, MA?

Top 3 Places to Visit in Pittsfield, MA

Did you know? The man who guided the initial settlement to Pittsfield never lived or visited the place! Col. Jacob Wendell, an affluent Bostonian bought this land as speculative investment in 1738. However, the town became an energetic metropolis in the late 1800s. Naturally, this town has a rich history and is packed with picturesque spots. At Berkshire Mazda Pittsfield, we list the top 3 places to visit in Pittsfield, MA!

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