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2021 Mazda CX-30 parked outside front view

Top Questions to Ask Mazda Agents in Pittsfield MA

Questions to Ask Agents at Berkshire Mazda Today!

If you’re looking for an excellent vehicle in the Pittsfield, MA area or just in Massachusetts in general, we recommend Mazda models at Berkshire Mazda! Our dealership is staffed by experts, and we’re ready and able to answer any questions you might have – especially about Mazda vehicles! Continue reading to see what sort of questions you can ask!

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Woman accepting key from dealer agent

Top Three Reasons to Visit Used Car Dealerships Near Pittsfield MA

Why You Should Visit a Used Car Dealership in Pittsfield MA

When searching the web for “used car dealerships near me,” you should find the Berkshire Mazda site first! We’re a dealership that offers more than just new and shiny Mazda models, we all have a variety of excellent used vehicles. Not only that, but we want you to have the best experience shopping for said models. That said, here are three reasons to shop here today!

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Prepare Your Model for Winter 2020 in Pittsfield MA Today!

3 Tips to Prepare Your Model for Winter 2020 in Pittsfield MA

Fall might just barely have arrived, but winter is not too far away, bringing with it a variety of issues! You need to be ready to tackle the cold weather and all the problems it brings with it, especially while on the road! That’s why we’ve compelled a list of winter vehicle preparation tips for drivers in Pittsfield, MA! Continue reading below in order to find out!

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Vehicle driving on a rocky surface

3 Items You’ll Need to Tackle Off-Roading Adventures in Pittsfield MA

What to Bring on an Off-Road Adventure in Pittsfield MA

If you’re looking to take your vehicle off-roading on an exceptional adventure, whether that model is a Mazda one or not, you’ll need to bring a variety of items with you. These items will provide a ton of benefits, letting you enjoy added protection, assurance, and more! What are some of these items, you ask? Continue reading to find out.

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Tent parked outside near mountain

3 Great Winter Activities in the Pittsfield MA Area!

3 Winter Activity Ideas in Pittsfield MA!

For those people in the Pittsfield, MA area that want to get out and enjoy a bit of winter fun before the season is completely over, we’ve got a few ideas for you! The snow is melting, and the ice is thawing, but there are still a few great activities that can be done before they’re completely gone! Continue reading below to learn more about three activities you can enjoy!
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