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Why Should You Buy a Used SUV in the Pittsfield Area?

Benefits of Buying a Used SUV

SUVs have risen in popularity in recent times. They are practical with ample cargo space and a roomy interior to fit your growing family. They can also transport heavy camping, fishing, or boating equipment. Apart from this, they have a sturdy frame, which protects you if your SUV is involved in an accident. Additionally, a higher driving position ensures better visibility of the road. The SUV also has an edge in fuel efficiency. If you don’t want to opt for a new SUV, there are benefits of buying a used SUV. At Berkshire Mazda Pittsfield in Pittsfield, MA, we elaborate on the advantages of a used SUV.

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Why Buy a Used SUV?

Save Money

Generally, when you’re buying a new SUV, you look at the base price. But when you begin adding the various accessories you need, the costs increase. In this scenario, a used SUV will be a prudent buy. In general, used cars are 50% lower than new cars. What’s more, with a wide variety of available used SUVs, you could opt for a higher trim along with the extras for a reasonable price.

Lower Depreciation

It’s true! With a used SUV, most of the depreciation has already occurred. Instead, when you buy a new SUV, its value begins going down as soon as you drive it off the lot. Thus, buying a used SUV is beneficial as the previous owner has taken the biggest hit.

Lower Insurance

The replacement value of your SUV is the primary factor to consider when determining how much insurance premium you pay. A used SUV will be a lot cheaper than a new SUV, which implies that you pay less insurance premium.

At Berkshire Mazda Pittsfield in Pittsfield, MA, we have a plethora of used SUVs. You could schedule a test drive or visit us. You could also opt for a car loan with us.

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