Beating the Heat with Summer Car Maintenance

Summer is in full swing, which means things are really starting to heat up here in Pittsfield, MA. However, you can make sure your car is ready to withstand the heat by visiting our service center here at Berkshire Mazda. You can trust our team of trained technicians to take care of your vehicle and prep it for even the most extreme temperatures. Here are some of the most common services we provide during the summer, in case you need to bring in your car for a check-up before your next road trip.

Checking the Battery

All Mazda cars, or any car for that matter, will run better when the battery is healthy and has ample charge. Hot temperatures place a huge strain on your battery, so it’s best to give it a check-up at least twice a year, especially in the summer. We can check, clean, and test your battery’s connections so it’s sustainable enough to support you on any trip.  We can even replace your battery if you need a new one.

Monitoring Coolant and Oil Levels

Not only can sizzling temperatures stress out your battery, but they can also affect your engine, too. The fluids in your vehicle need to be constantly fresh and refilled so your vehicle can run properly in the summer heat. At Berkshire Mazda, our service technicians are always available to replenish your engine with clean oil and refill your coolant so your engine can run smoothly and stay as cool as possible.

Even brand new vehicles like the 2019 Mazda MX-5 can be negatively affected by extreme summer temperatures. To make sure your whip can support you no matter where you go, contact our service center at Berkshire Mazda. We’re located at 765 East Street in Pittsfield, MA if you ever need to give your vehicle a quick check-up.