Fall road with leaves falling down

3 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Fall Weather in Pittsfield MA!

Fall Weather Preparation For Drivers in Pittsfield MA 2020

With fall rapidly approaching and winter coming right behind it, drivers need to be prepared for all that the season changes will bring. They can do this by employing a variety of tips in order to keep their models functioning in the best condition and to keep themselves safe. Continue reading below to see some of these tips yourself!

Check Your Tires

Your tires are some of the most important pieces on your model and as such, it is crucial that you replace them as they wear down. You can find out their condition by checking the tread, inflation levels, and if there are any signs of damage. You should replace tires as needed, and consider getting winter tires if you believe them to be necessary.

Mechanic holding a wrench
Tires placed side-by-side on rack

Check Your Heat System

No one wants to be stuck without heat in the middle of winter or the end of fall, so you should make sure that the system is working properly. If your heat isn’t working, take your model into a mechanic or auto shop, such as the service center at our dealership, in order to fix the issue.

Check You Battery

Finally, you should check your battery at the start of fall in order to see its charge level and if it has signs of corrosion. You can do this by taking your model to an auto parts store for a quick diagnosis. If you need a new battery and are not confident you can replace it yourself, bring it to a service center like ours!

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These are just three great tips that should employ going into fall in order to have the best possible driving experience in fall or winter. To learn more about these great tips, or to have your model serviced, contact our dealership today!