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3 Tips to Prepare Your Model for Spring in Pittsfield MA!

Prepare Your Model for Spring in Pittsfield MA Today!

Spring is on its way here and with it comes a variety of concerns that you need to address. Your model just enjoyed a difficult winter, and as such, it needs to be looked over and checked out. What are some of the things you can do? Continue reading below to find out!

Visit a Car Wash

You should clean your vehicle when spring comes, taking care of the salt that built up. The combination of temperatures and salt can have a bad effect on your model, and as such, you should make sure you visit a car wash to keep it in good condition. You should also take premium car washing, so you don’t miss any nooks and crannies.

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Check Your Tires

Your tire pressure can be negatively affected by the temperatures, lowering and harming your gas mileage. You should make sure your tires are filled to the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as rotate them regularly in order to keep them equally worn. Check the tread, replace your tires if they’re too worn, and more!

Check Your Battery

Finally, make sure you check over your battery at the end of winter to make sure that it’s strong and not worn down and failing. You should be able to get a free strength check at a local auto shop, so that should be easy. Additionally, replace the battery if it appears to be weakening.

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These are just three tips of many others that we recommend you employ! To learn what else you should do, or to take a model for a test drive or have it serviced, please contact our dealership today!