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3 Items to Bring in a Winter Emergency Kit in Pittsfield MA

Key Items to Bring in a Winter Emergency Kit in Pittsfield MA

Fall is here and winter is right behind it, bringing with it a ton of issues that you need to be prepared for! We’ve covered some of the tips for preparing your vehicle, but now we need to cover what you should bring to prepare yourself! Continue reading below to see some of the items we recommend you bring this winter in an emergency kit!

Portable Shovel

Being able to dig your car out of a bad situation is important, and you don’t want to use your hands to do it. That’s why we recommend bringing with you a foldable shovel like those found in the military surplus stores, or online at select retailers. This shovel isn’t full-sized and can extend, giving you a lot of benefits with no drawbacks.

Man fixing tire of a vehicle
Portable shovel extended

A Safety Absorbent

A small bag of safety absorbent or cat litter is a great thing to bring with you while driving because they help you regain traction on ice. These can be obtained at auto parts stores or similar locations, as they’re used to clean garage floors. These items work well with four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive systems, too, letting you move easier.

Portable Air Compressor

Typically powered by your vehicles 12v outlet, a portable air compressor allows you to fill up your model’s tires or aid in fixing a flat. They don’t take up much space and help you avoid one of the most common winter driving issues. Flat tires related to tire pressure are the most common issues experienced by drivers.

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These are just three of several excellent items we recommend you bring with you while driving this winter and fall. You’ll be kept safer and be able to drive with less worry with these amazing items. To learn more about them, or what other items you should bring, or to have your model inspected, contact our dealership today!