2020 Mazda CX-9 vs 2020 Honda Pilot: Which is the Better Family SUV?

f you’re looking for a new family vehicle, you’ve got plenty of great choices from three-row SUVs to minivans. If you want a bit more excitement in your drive, we suggest checking out the 2020 Mazda CX-9, which more than holds its own against competitors like the 2020 Honda Pilot. We may be biased — we’re a Pittsfield Mazda dealership, after all —  but we think our Mazda SUV is definitely the stronger option.



If you were reading a similar comparison written by a Honda dealer, they’d point out that the Honda Pilot makes more horsepower than the Mazda CX-9. But they’d be missing the big picture, because the new Mazda SUV has higher torque output; its 310 lb-ft of torque isn’t just higher than the 262 lb-ft offered by the Honda SUV, it also ensures that you get more out of the 250 horsepower on offer.



Those numbers don’t mean much by themselves. The bigger question is, what can you do with them? You can tow 3,500 pounds with either of these SUVs, but if you want that kind of capability out of the Honda Pilot it’s going to cost you extra, whereas the Mazda CX-9 is set up to deliver its best on every trim level. Other differences speak to Mazda engineers design priorities. The Honda Pilot does offer a more cargo volume, for instance, because the longer wheelbase and aerodynamics of the Mazda CX-9 are designed to put driving dynamics first. That said we’re confident you’ll find its space more than adequate for real-world use.



Speaking of priorities, tech features in the Mazda CX-9 and Honda Pilot are very similar in many respects, and with the right configuration choices, you could build two SUVs that look nearly identical. But here’s the thing: more of that tech comes standard in our affordable Mazda SUVs, where it costs extra in the Honda SUV. You’d have to pay more for luxury features like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, for amenities like three-zone climate control, and for features family-oriented drivers demand, like blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

Your needs for a family vehicle are going to be as unique as your family. So, we suggest trying both vehicles to see which looks, feels, and performs best for your needs. We’re confident that once you’re done comparison shopping, you’ll come right back to Berkshire Mazda!